Types of Wastewater Testing

As Co-founder, President, and leader in molecular biology and biochemistry — Paul Campbell explains Aster Bio’s two different types of wastewater testing that help operators understand the biology of their wastewater treatment systems.

The 1st test we call a Microbial Community Analysis (MCA).

This test is basically a microbial census that examines all the different types of bacteria in your system, and their relative amounts. We take this information, compare it against the database, and identify the good bugs and the bad bugs. Then we offer recommendations on how to modify operations, either to recover from an upset or to improve day-to-day procedures.

The 2nd test is based on quantitative PCR (qPCR).

⚛ After the Microbial Community Analysis (MCA), we conduct a second test based on quantitative PCR (qPCR). This is done on a routine basis — sometimes weekly – if not okay. Regular monitoring can help operators identify biomass problems before water effluent quality is impacted.

Simple biomass testing starts here.

🧪 Finally, to make things easier, we offer a sample kit that allows the operators to add a small volume of their mixed liquor to it, shake it up, and drop it in the mail. There’s no need for an ice chest or ice.

At Aster Bio, we believe the complexities of wastewater management can be made simple, thanks to our biomass solutions. That’s why we stay up to speed with technological advances, ensuring more WWTP operators are equipped to meet the challenges of today and the demands of tomorrow.

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