Aster Bio takes Wastewater Monitoring Technology to the Next Level

Erik Rumbaugh, Aster Bio Partner and leader in molecular biology and biochemistry, explains next-generation wastewater monitoring technology.

Where our wastewater monitoring technology is used

Founded in 2003 by experts in biological wastewater unit operations, microbiology, and biochemistry, Aster Bio is dedicated to developing next generation wastewater monitoring and bioaugmentation products. This technology is used in advanced wastewater treatment systems and in systems facing more stringent effluent permits.

Bioaugmentation products

Bioaugmentation products are concentrated microbial blends designed to restore a biomass to a healthier, more desirable state. Symptoms of biomass insufficiency and problems can include increased chemical use, polymers, foaming, and sludge volumes increasing due to filamentous bulking, or non-filamentous bulking.

The results

Finally, for problems with maintaining effluent permits, Astro Bio’s bioaugmentation products were developed using both traditional microbiological techniques and the latest in DNA bioprospecting. The results are blends of growth organisms that function to restore your biomass activity as rapidly as possible.

Our team provides a combination of field and laboratory experience. When you use our technologies, we become a partner in troubleshooting and discovering opportunities to keep your system operating most efficiently.

We why love this “work.”

I personally love this “work” because working with wastewater treatment systems is like solving a puzzle every day! We see unique problems and challenges and find the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

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